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Paneurhythmy: Sacred Dance from Bulgaria


Rupa died of cancer on 4/7/2017. As she had been a devotee of Osho (Rajneesh), heartfelt tesimonials may be found on

"Love recognizes no separate religions. It is Love which gives birth to religions. In the divine world there are no religions. There, only love exists. Love is the very atmosphere of the divine world. Everything there actually breathes love. But since love cannot fully manifest on earth, there arose a need for religions.If however, you wish to accomplish the will of God, you must substitute Love for religion." Biensa Douno (Peter Deunov.)

The spring equinox each year brings along with it the beginning of another season of Paneurhythmy which ends at the fall equinox. Brattleboro Vermont's Living Memorial Park hosts the twice weekly practice of meditative movement from Bulgaria as it has done for about 17 years.

Paneurhythmy comes from Bulgaria, created in the last century by mystic Peter Deunov. Honoring the earth and the early morning sun with intentional movement and gesture, the spiritual evolution of the human being is danced for 45 minutes. The music that accompanies is written by Deunov. There are 28 different movements guiding the dancers in their quest for spiritual union and right living. The mind through intention, the body through the movement and rhythm integrate the heart and spirit. A prayer for all beings is radiated. Sometimes referred to as the Perennial Wisdom, people of many faith and spiritual traditions feel welcomed. It is considered a healing for self, community, and the planet.

Rupa was taught Paneurhythmy by Ernestina Steleva from Bulgaria who brought the practice and the teachings of Peter Dunov to the United States. She has taught Paneurhythmy with Erna at the Omega Institute and at many conferences including the Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique, Attitudinal Healing Conferences, and in Bosnia and Istanbul, Turkey.

We meet on Sundays and Wednesday mornings at 8am, it is always free. Workshops can be arranged by donation.