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What Do Actors, Meditators and Computer Users Have in Common?


Rupa died of cancer on 4/7/2017. As she had been a devotee of Osho (Rajneesh), heartfelt tesimonials may be found on

If you are an actor, your body is your instrument. if you are a meditator, you still your body so you can quiet your mind.  If you are sitting at a computer, you long to be comfortable.

And so, for actors, meditators and computer users, how you use your body, how you take care of it, can make a total difference in whatever it is you do.  There is no way around it, and guess what (if you haven't guessed already,) this little piece is about the Alexander Technique.

The Alexander Technique can help you do whatever you do better.  Robertson Davies said that when speaking about writing,  "I do not suggest that experience of the Technique will make a writer of someone who was not a writer before, but as Alexander said, if he is a writer, it may well make him a better writer."

The same is true for the actor, meditator, and computer user, but also for an athlete, a gardner, a singer, a dentist or anyone with a body.

What is about this technique that is so unique and helpful?  It is because it is not only about the body, it is about how your mind...your thoughts affect your body, and how you can learn to think and move differently... effortlessly through the hands and words of an Alexander teacher.