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The Joy of Sacred Dance


Rupa died of cancer on 4/7/2017. As she had been a devotee of Osho (Rajneesh), heartfelt tesimonials may be found on

February 27th,28th,29th, 2015 Rupa's third visit to ROWE CONFERENCE CENTER, Rowe, MA.

You don't need to be a dancer to use movement and music to reveal your inner light and the divine in yourself and others.

As a child, you probably knew the experience of whirling around and around with innocence and wonder.  What is that wonder if not a sense of the divine?  That's why mystics throughout the centuries have used movement as a spiritual practice.  Rupa loves movement, ecstatic dance and the body/mind connection and has been offering workshops in them for over 30 years.  Drawing from several different spiritual traditions and inner awareness inspired by the Alexander Technique and using sacred touch, mystic poetry and group sharing, you will have the opportunity to discover prayer through the doorway of your body.  Experience the whirling meditation of the Sufis and the sacred gestures of the Paneurhythmy, a circle dance developed by a Bulgarian mystic that offers transformational healing for the dancer and for the Earth.   Celebrate your authentic and embodied spirit.  Rediscover how simple, playful and profound movement can be!

Contact Rupa at 802-387-5276 to inquire about scheduling or attending one of her workshops. Stories and feedback are linked from this page to "Clients Say".


Workshop Date: 
Sunday, December 21, 2014 - 12:45

Rowe Center