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Brain, Body, Heart and Soul


Rupa died of cancer on 4/7/2017. As she had been a devotee of Osho (Rajneesh), heartfelt tesimonials may be found on

Why I have named this website, Integrating the Brain, Body, Heart and Soul?

It is because my personal path has been about integration for many years. When I left a life of "no" years ago as an actor, I began a life of healing myself and a new life of "yes. "  Later I was able to gift others with what I had integrated within myself.

The Human Potential Movement and specifically The Association for Humanistic Psychology opened my horizons. I became an Alexander Technique Teacher and later a Rubenfeld Synergist through the mentoring of Ilana Rubenfeld. I also learned how be a workshop leader, and spent time in India with a Spiritual Teacher.

My joy is to teach, guide, mentor and facilitate.  Here are a few thoughts that I can offer that you might try on…..

The words we say to ourselves mold our body, open or close our hearts to ourselves, to others and to the ineffable. – how do you talk to yourself?

It is a conscious choice to change.  Most habits contract us to keep us safe.  Dare to release into spaciousness.

We separate the parts (brain-body-heart-soul) so we can learn how to integrate into wholeness.

F.M. Alexander said, “You translate everything, whether physical or spiritual, into muscular tension.”