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When Dance Becomes Prayer


Rupa died of cancer on 4/7/2017. As she had been a devotee of Osho (Rajneesh), heartfelt tesimonials may be found on

WHEN DANCE BECOMES PRAYER; The Spirit in Movement*

With movement and dance, we will enter into an experience of the sacred in an embodied interfaith spirituality.  This workshop will investigate how movement has been used by several different spiritual traditions, the teachings will not be formalized approaches used by the devotees of a particular path, but will be presented in a way that the non-dancer, and non practitioner can receive a taste and fragrance from these traditions.  From the use of free form dance as meditation, to the structure of a sacred circle dance from Bulgaria, the whirling dance of the Sufis and the deep body awareness and use of sacred touch from the Alexander Technique, punctuated with sacred poetry and sharing.  All help to open the participant to personal transformation, and for a prayer for the community and for the world.  The goal is to find a unity between traditions, Structure, non-structure, alone, with one other, with the community  All approaches deepening into possibilities for ones own enriched spiritual life.

Workshop Date: 
Saturday, April 2, 2016 - 09:30 to 15:30

Chaplancy Institiute of Maine